Scotty meets Machine Gun Preacher

Last weekend’s rally took place over Friday night and Saturday in the town of New Braunfels, Tx. Come Sunday I’d decided to attend a poker run in nearby Seguin put on by the Machine Gun Preacher (Sam Childers). I’m sure some of you have seen the movie made about this very real man, but for those who haven’t, let me give a little background. In his youth Sam was a violent man involved in drug deals, fights, and plenty of prison time. He later became a Christian, cleaned up, and became successful in the construction business. Eventually he built his own church and on the day of its opening the preacher didn’t show up so Sam begin to do his own preaching. Eventually missionaries came to speak about the problems in Africa. Sam decided to fly over and see for himself. An area thrown into Civil War at the time, soldiers would come to kill everyone in the villages at night and take their children for used as child soldiers. Genuinely disturbed by these atrocities, Sam returned to build an orphanage. Eventually the soldiers came to destroy it, but Sam rebuilt and when soldiers came again he, working with the militia, fought back. At one point these endeavors in Africa almost bankrupted him. In time, as Sam work in the dirt with a machine gun slung over his shoulder he earned the nickname Machine Gun Preacher. A somewhat controversial character, Sam is a strange anomaly of God’s violent angel.
Today Sam has 7 orphanages in Africa, has dug over 3 dozen wells, feeds 8,000 children a day, has a few farms that grow food to feed his people, and is building a 6-story building that will have different businesses on every level. In these businesses he intends to train children into skills that may be used as they grow up. For most often, he says, they simply fall into prostitution instead. Sam figures these 6 businesses will pay for themselves in the process therefore being self-supporting. Although the man speaks like hillbilly biker trash, he’s a pretty sharp guy.
With a natural knack for making money this guy owns businesses all over the United States as well. In truth I was a little put off by his fancy rig and bike sitting outside.
Although no one is starving in Mexico, seeing the poverty first hand, and sometimes living with the people there, has moved me to want to do something for those less privileged than myself. This is the reason I attended Sam’s fundraiser.
Here are few photos and a little commentary. . .


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