Scotty meets Machine Gun Preacher

Last weekend’s rally took place over Friday night and Saturday in the town of New Braunfels, Tx. Come Sunday I’d decided to attend a poker run in nearby Seguin put on by the Machine Gun Preacher (Sam Childers). I’m sure some of you have seen the movie made about this very real man, but for those who haven’t, let me give a little background. In his youth Sam was a violent man involved in drug deals, fights, and plenty of prison time. He later became a Christian, cleaned up, and became successful in the construction business. Eventually he built his own church and on the day of its opening the preacher didn’t show up so Sam begin to do his own preaching. Eventually missionaries came to speak about the problems in Africa. Sam decided to fly over and see for himself. An area thrown into Civil War at the time, soldiers would come to kill everyone in the villages at night and take their children for used as child soldiers. Genuinely disturbed by these atrocities, Sam returned to build an orphanage. Eventually the soldiers came to destroy it, but Sam rebuilt and when soldiers came again he, working with the militia, fought back. At one point these endeavors in Africa almost bankrupted him. In time, as Sam work in the dirt with a machine gun slung over his shoulder he earned the nickname Machine Gun Preacher. A somewhat controversial character, Sam is a strange anomaly of God’s violent angel.
Today Sam has 7 orphanages in Africa, has dug over 3 dozen wells, feeds 8,000 children a day, has a few farms that grow food to feed his people, and is building a 6-story building that will have different businesses on every level. In these businesses he intends to train children into skills that may be used as they grow up. For most often, he says, they simply fall into prostitution instead. Sam figures these 6 businesses will pay for themselves in the process therefore being self-supporting. Although the man speaks like hillbilly biker trash, he’s a pretty sharp guy.
With a natural knack for making money this guy owns businesses all over the United States as well. In truth I was a little put off by his fancy rig and bike sitting outside.
Although no one is starving in Mexico, seeing the poverty first hand, and sometimes living with the people there, has moved me to want to do something for those less privileged than myself. This is the reason I attended Sam’s fundraiser.
Here are few photos and a little commentary. . .


Scotty Kerekes, AKA scooter tramp Scotty is a free lance writer, biker and lives the ultimate biker lifestyle. You can follow scotty on Instagram


Another bike Rides away

What is your favorite motorcycle?

How many different types of motorcycle have you owned?

Is their a motorcycle brand you will never ride again?

I still remember the first motorcycle I purchased. It was from my roommate, he was upgrading to a newer bike and wanted to sell his first.

I remember because it was not a dream bike, it was not anything special. But it was the bike I learned to ride on. Over the past 10 years of getting back to riding motorcycles. I have been on all kinds of bikes, I have owned a few different manufactures. And riding on a few different styles of rides.

With the early 2000s and the rise of the choppers, and american made motorcycles, then the rise in Gas prices in the mid 2000s. Many different types of bikes have been out.

when it comes to the manufactures of bikes, the Indian coming back is something many loved, Harley has made some ups and downs. But over the past 20 years the Victory was the bike that so many customizers started to love. Here in Dallas my friend Rick Fairless has one of Dallas area Victory dealers. Rick has always spoken highly of the Victory brand.

So with this I am shocked to hear that the Victory brand will be going away. The Story of the end was released today.

Catch the link here

So what is your thoughts on the loss of another brand of bikes?

Have you taken a ride on a Victory?

Do you own one?

If you own one how long will you hold onto it?

With them leaving the market will you buy one before they sell out?

Would love to get your feedback on this…




My version of Green Eggs and Ham

I felt my entire life like people were trying to make me fit in. They defined normal, they said what I was going to like, how I was going to like it. Even worked to make me try it out.


When reading green eggs and ham I realized the world is full of things that look different, they act different. Just like me, the older I get the more I have become comfortable with looking, acting and just being different.

So now I find it easy to try different things, to see how they fit. Just like Green Eggs and Ham, I just have to try it and see what it taste like instead of rejection the trying of it.




What to think about before you purchase your First bike, from TOP Harley salesman.

A short tips video about getting the right Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

You need to look at what you will be doing with your ride in the next 3 to 5 years.

What kind of riding will you do?

Danny helps them make the right choices.

So many people have been his favorite customers.

If you have been a customer of Danny’s in his years of Riding leave a comment below.

Thanks Danny.

American Eagle Harley Davidson

Be sure and check them out.

The Man Who Put 177 Bikers in Prison.. Fast Facts about Walter H. Peterson

Just when you think the news from Waco couldn’t get any shadier… the Motorcycle Attorney goes and drops a bomb like this!!!


The issue with a $1 million dollar bond was also mind boggling until now. The arrest warrants were issued by a Justice of the Peace, not a judge! A Justice of the Peace has the authority to hear misdemeanor cases if no jail time is sought and civil cases not exceeding $10,000 (small claims courts). The Justice of the Peace that issued the arrest warrants, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, is a former Public Safety Trooper with no formal legal training; meaning he is not a judge nor an attorney!

The not so honorable Walter H. Peterson made some really idiotic choices in the last couple weeks, starting with violating the terms of his office by not writing one insanely high bond, one hundred times more than his…

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Hey Bikers

Hey bikers:

Welcome to my biker travel page. I am a biker, husband, father, and last a motivational speaker. I travel the country on my Harley Davidson motorcycle. I believe I am on a mission from God. Using my bike and the knowledge given me, to help entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and authors create a brand that is all about them. Mostly its helping people who believe in the American way of owning and running their own business.Building themselves as the brand.

This blog is about my story’s of travel. My biker way of life, the places I visit and the people I meet. On occasion I will be addressing biker issues as I see them in our country. Yes that would make it “my opinion”. After all I like a country where we all get to have our own opinion.

I hope you enjoy the posts here, let me know about your travels, where you are located at. Maybe ill stop by and visit you, and tell your story on my blog.

Live is short Enjoy the Ride.