Another bike Rides away

What is your favorite motorcycle?

How many different types of motorcycle have you owned?

Is their a motorcycle brand you will never ride again?

I still remember the first motorcycle I purchased. It was from my roommate, he was upgrading to a newer bike and wanted to sell his first.

I remember because it was not a dream bike, it was not anything special. But it was the bike I learned to ride on. Over the past 10 years of getting back to riding motorcycles. I have been on all kinds of bikes, I have owned a few different manufactures. And riding on a few different styles of rides.

With the early 2000s and the rise of the choppers, and american made motorcycles, then the rise in Gas prices in the mid 2000s. Many different types of bikes have been out.

when it comes to the manufactures of bikes, the Indian coming back is something many loved, Harley has made some ups and downs. But over the past 20 years the Victory was the bike that so many customizers started to love. Here in Dallas my friend Rick Fairless has one of Dallas area Victory dealers. Rick has always spoken highly of the Victory brand.

So with this I am shocked to hear that the Victory brand will be going away. The Story of the end was released today.

Catch the link here

So what is your thoughts on the loss of another brand of bikes?

Have you taken a ride on a Victory?

Do you own one?

If you own one how long will you hold onto it?

With them leaving the market will you buy one before they sell out?

Would love to get your feedback on this…





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