The Man Who Put 177 Bikers in Prison.. Fast Facts about Walter H. Peterson

Just when you think the news from Waco couldn’t get any shadier… the Motorcycle Attorney goes and drops a bomb like this!!!


The issue with a $1 million dollar bond was also mind boggling until now. The arrest warrants were issued by a Justice of the Peace, not a judge! A Justice of the Peace has the authority to hear misdemeanor cases if no jail time is sought and civil cases not exceeding $10,000 (small claims courts). The Justice of the Peace that issued the arrest warrants, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, is a former Public Safety Trooper with no formal legal training; meaning he is not a judge nor an attorney!

The not so honorable Walter H. Peterson made some really idiotic choices in the last couple weeks, starting with violating the terms of his office by not writing one insanely high bond, one hundred times more than his…

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